The Parts of an Electronic Cigarette & How They Work

As a smoker, you are probably pretty knowledgeable about what makes up a regular cigarette: tobacco, a filter and a wrapping paper. If you are considering trying an electronic cigarette, also known as a vape, you might be wondering exactly how this somewhat mysterious device works.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at the various components of an e-cig, as well as the different types of vapes and a few words on safety.

E-Cigs 101

As Dental Care notes, the typical e-cig is made up of three key parts: a rechargeable lithium battery, a vaporizing chamber and a cartridge that holds the liquid nicotine, which is often referred to as “vape juice.” More specifically, the lithium battery is probably the most crucial part of the e-cig; it activates the device to charge up the atomizer that is inside the cartridge. The battery typically has an LED light on one end; the light will come on when the person using the e-cig inhales. If the battery charge is low, this light will not come on, alerting the person that it’s time to recharge the battery.

Different Styles of Vapes

The cartridges inside vapes and/or e-cigs are not created equally. You can either buy bottles of e-juice or vape juice and fill up the cartridge yourself. Or, if you are looking for a super easy approach to vaping — especially if you are just getting into e-cigs and want it to be as simple as possible — the disposable and prefilled vapes are a terrific option. For example, blu offers prefilled blu Disposables that combine great flavors with convenience. The Disposables also come in a number of flavors and nicotine strengths, ranging from 2.4 percent to 4.5 percent, so you can still customize your vape experience. For people who enjoy the process of filling the cartridge and/or mixing their own custom vape juice, the former option is appealing, but for on-the-go, always ready vaping, you really cannot beat a prefilled device. You can always visit your favorite vape wholesaler‘s website to see if they have any new styles.

A Few Words on Safety

Just as you wouldn’t want to fall asleep while holding a traditional tobacco cigarette and light your chair or bed on fire, there are safety tips to keep in mind when vaping. As the FDA notes, consider looking for a vape that has built-in safety features like a firing button lock and vent holes. If you have extra batteries on hand, keep them in a case as opposed to having them loose in your backpack or purse; this will prevent them from coming in contact with metals like coins or keys, which can damage the batteries. Also, prior to using a vape or e-cig for the first time, read all of the instructions that come with it, and if you are unsure of how anything works, ask the business owner or reach out to the website where you purchased it. When you charge your vape, please do so on a flat surface and keep it away from anything that will catch fire. Fortunately, as the FDA points out, while you might have read stories involving battery explosions in vapes — which are pretty rare — it’s still important to exercise caution and common sense with your new device.

Enjoy Your New E-Cig

It is always wise to understand the whys and hows of any new hobby. Now that you know more about the parts that make up an e-cig or vape, as well as the different styles and some safety tips to boot, you will have what it takes to have a safe and pleasant e-cig experience.