The Health Aspects Of Softened Water

Clean water is good for your health, but softened water is great!

Unlike soft water, hard water that comes into our house is populated with minerals that can be potentially harmful to one’s health. That’s why people prefer softened water as it has got all the goodness for human wellbeing.

Stay with us to learn about the top five health benefits of soft water. But before that, let’s see what softened water is and how it’s different from other types of water.

What’s Soft/Softened Water?

Water is naturally found hard in nature. And the hardness doesn’t refer to its physical form but levels of minerals inside it – allow me to explain a bit. Water is called hard if it contains a certain level of minerals like magnesium, calcium, fluorine, etc. Similarly, their concentration refers to the level of hardness.

Although hard water doesn’t look different than soft water, they both are poles apart – quality and traits-wise. Softened water doesn’t have a higher concentration of Mg or Ca, because they were removed in the softening process.

Hard water isn’t dangerous for human health, but it has some drawbacks. On the other hand, soft water is a refined version of hardened water. As a result, it eliminates all the risks and provides a better solution for most households.

Lastly, you can soften water by using water softening systems. Here’s a great article covering all about water softeners. Give it a read to learn about popular softening systems, what they are, how they work, and everything in between.

Top 5 Health Benefits Of Using Soft Water

Now coming back to the topic, here are the top five health benefits of using softened water in your daily life:

1. Great For Skin

According to Healthline, hard water can contribute to dry skin. So if you are continuously noticing problems with your skin even with your lotion game on point, soft water can help you out.

Washing your skin continuously with hard water can result in damage. Hard water also interacts poorly with cleaning products like soap and develops an unpleasant film on your skin. And that’s majorly due to the presence of excess magnesium and calcium ions.

Switch to soft water by installing a water softener in your house, and you’ll see improvement. As there would be no excess minerals present in the water, no reaction would take place, and your skin would remain unharmed.

2. Beneficial For Hair

Soft water isn’t only great for your skin; your hair also reaps the advantage. Hard water reacts with your shampoo due to its heavy mineral concentration. And that damages your scalp causing problems like dandruff, hair loss, etc.

On the split side, as soft water is free from excess minerals, no ion interchange takes place. Meaning, water only works as a trustworthy cleaning agent rather than a reactionary liquid and helps you get neat and clean hair.

With a water softener system in your house, you’ll get to treat your hair with non-reactionary cleaning water – resulting in shiny, vibrant, and dandruff-free hair!

3. Healthy For Kidneys

Did you know that the consumption of hard water can damage your kidneys in the long run? Primary minerals in hard water, magnesium and calcium, are responsible for the act. They proliferate in your body over time and cause the level of Ca and Mg ions in urine to increase. This can lead to the formation of stones in your kidneys.

On the other hand, as softened water doesn’t have concentrated levels of these ions, there’s nothing to worry about. So, you can drink soft water as much as you can without worrying about mineral imbalance in your body’s urinary system.

4. Doesn’t Interfere With Fertility

According to this publication by Research Gate, hard water can potentially contribute to disruption in male reproductive hormones. Not to mention, consumption of hard water can also lead to a reduction in sperm count.

So, if you don’t want to interfere with your own fertility or of other males living in your home, you should consider installing a water softener. Using soft water on a daily basis would eliminate any concern of disrupting the reproductive system.

5. You’ll Enjoy Staying Hydrated

Last and certainly not least, you’ll enjoy staying hydrated with soft water. Unlike hard water, softened water doesn’t have any flavor or lousy appearance that might be triggering you to avoid the frequent intake. As softened water is also clear of some impurities causing odor, smell, etc., you’ll enjoy better-tasting water.

Final Words

Softened water is quite underrated when it comes to health aspects. But now you know, it provides some unmatchable health advantages that you can’t afford to miss. So what are you waiting for?