The Evolving Trends of the Modern Office

For many work goers, happily getting out of bed and facing the day is a thankless task. A cold, dark morning greets them and the thought of entering an uninspiring work environment just seems like a mission impossible.

An office can impact an employees’ mood and their performance. There isn’t one office plan that’s ideal for employee moods and productivity – it depends on business specifics and company culture. Studies however, do show that an attractive, well-designed office can have a dramatic effect on office productivity. Investing in a work-friendly office environment will keep your employees engaged, motivated and enthusiastic about being in the office. 

Here are 4 upcoming trends in the modern workplace that companies around the world are starting to implement to keep employees happy, comfortable, and productive.

● Quiet Nooks and Games Room

True, you get genuine workaholics, but it’s not healthy to work for 8, 9, 10 hours without breaks in between. Game rooms with nooks or billiards and other social activities are becoming more commonplace, giving workers the chance to rest, play a game of darts, table-tennis or snooker with colleagues. Company’s need to ensure their staff can also get nutritional value and taste in foods and drinks packed with energy-giving . Providing these things provides workers with a sense of comfort.

Experts tell us that reading for pleasure improves focus and also helps with warding off depression – that is if you’re reading inspirational content. Reading is escapism, a stress reducer, so some modern offices have an in-house library for employees where they can retreat to, relax in comfy lounge chairs and have their equilibrium restored. 

● Ergonomic Equipment

With skyrocketing costs in health care, companies are taking a more preventive approach when it comes to employee health. Neck and back strain can be avoided by having adjustable office chairsstanding desks and other equipment such as ergonomic mice and keyboard. In fact, modern offices with uplifting décor are going one step further and giving staff a range of different work-points to choose from – from quiet, formal rooms to informal, open-plan communal activity areas. They’re ensuring all staff can access individual workpoints that include all the equipment they might need for their tasks. 

Activity areas in modern offices are therefore wi-fi enabled and they have the means for workers connect to company servers. 

These activity rooms are work environments with carefully selected color schemes. Soothing, earthy colors from nature such as creams, browns, blues and greens can actually help your thoughts be more organized. Color has the means to either make one feel depressed or it can boost creativity, happiness and productivity. 

● Office Gyms 

In-office gyms are actually a clever, strategic move as they enhance employee wellness. Healthy, happy employees work harder and they don’t like to use up their sick leave just as a means to keep out the office. In a large organization, qualified fitness practitioners are employed in the gyms to show staff how to do the exercises correctly. Other rejuvenating activities on offer are targeted aerobics and yoga classes that help destress and relieve common office related syndromes. PKF Cooper Parry have a quirky Google like office with a bar, games room and sleeping pods

● On-Site Spa Room 

A luxurious pampering spa experience can restore a frazzled mind, body and spirit. An inspiring spa room offers a range of basic body therapies such as foot and hand treatments. A rejuvenating massage from an experienced therapist will help return the balance of energy in your body and restore it to the whole. Following a regular session during a lunch break you’re able to fight disease better and to cope with stress. 

Productivity in the workplace in the 21st century isn’t about slogging away in ugly surroundings where your neck and back hurts and your morale is below zero. The new productivity is about loving your work, loving the environment you work in and wanting to put in 100% for the company that provides so well for you.  

Technology has meant that people don’t have to be glued to their desks to perform tasks – they can be done anywhere really. Office designs are all about happy, energized employees engaging- and collaborating with one another to get the job done. 

Workers simply want well lit, ventilated spaces, they want to be nourished, entertained, comfortable and relaxed. They also want privacy and they want activity too.

Modern offices have to be coming up with innovative solutions to ensure they cater for- and hold on to their talented staff and in doing so, drastically bring down the absenteeism rate.


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