Adventurous Couple Cruise the Americas in Their ’75 VW Bus

Tessa and Dillon is the couple with itchy feet and “The Bus and Us” is the name of their story. They met in 2013 and quickly made budding plans to travel extensively. “We didn’t know how and we didn’t know what this meant for our careers, but eventually our love for road tripping expanded into an idea to drive to the bottom tip of South America in our dream vehicle, the VW Bus.” they tell their story on their blog, and continue as follows; “We bought the bus in late 2014, ol Rita as she is known was the only bus for sale in Alaska at the time. It was our dream vehicle, it was our escape vehicle, it was everything we thought; except it did not run or move on its own. In fact we bought the bus for $500 with this trip in mind, in order to make the 2015 world cup. How naive we were. We even bought the pictured vanagon at one point considering we were way in over our heads with the rebuild, but pressed on with the bus.” When that big day about to approach, they quitted their jobs, Tessa was a special education teacher and Dillon was working in an office in supply chain management. “Finishing in February and hitting the road was a bit of a challenge as we didn’t have a chance to go camping in the bus in the middle of winter in Alaska. We would never recommend leaving home without spending some serious time in your adventure mobile before hitting the road, but we were antsy to leave. We spent the next few months surfing the coast and chasing the snow in the Rockies. Our intro to Latin America was sweet as we felt safe in numbers but eventually we took off on our own and explored to our hearts content. We drove nearly 50,000 miles to the bottom tip of South America then Buenos Aires, Argentina and Jacksonville Florida. They are now further exploring the west coast of the United States.” They still enjoy the freedom that the road offers and continue sharing their story on Instagram. Wanna see some moments of their great journey? Just scroll down and enjoy the images!