The Best Fields to Use Photogrammetry In

Most people wouldn’t think that real estate and law enforcement have that much in common. While the two fields are very different, they both rely heavily on photogrammetry. Using photogrammetry allows you to take three-dimensional measurements based off of a two-dimensional image. Photogrammetry and image measurement has been in use since we’ve had photography, but it has been continuously growing into what we have now. As photogrammetry continues to advance, more people are starting to see how it can be used in a variety of different fields.

Here are some of the best fields to use photogrammetry in.


We’ve long relied on photos from the past to help rebuild and repair buildings. This used to require some more guesswork, but photogrammetry has made it much easier. By looking at photos of buildings that no longer exists, we’re able to determine their measurements. Knowing what the measurements of a structure used to be is crucial to be able to recreate it. It can also make excavation projects easier.


One of the most obvious fields that photogrammetry is great for is architecture. This can help make planning, research, and designing easier and more accurate. In architecture, it can be used for guidance every step along the way during a project. This takes away some of the work that in the past, architects would have to do on their own.

Land Surveying

Another common use of photogrammetry is in land surveying. Land surveying itself is already used in multiple different fields, like construction and local government. The use of land surveying can help people in these fields get more accurate measurements of the land they’re looking at.

Law Enforcement

After an accident, most of the evidence is quickly cleaned up. With little evidence of the scene of the accident, law enforcement has very little to go off of. By taking pictures of the accident and using photogrammetry, you’re able to have detailed information after the evidence gone and you’ve left the area. This enables law enforcement to better understand the conditions that could have caused the accident. This is especially important to have if it goes to trial.


Similar to the way photogrammetry for land surveying, it can also be used for mapping. Aerial photos and photogrammetry make mapping a much simpler process and can produce higher quality results. Not only are the results better, but they can also map out larger areas in a shorter amount of time.

Real Estate

More often than in the past, people search for homes on the internet. Because of this, some have to rely entirely on photographs to get a feel for the home. As most know, pictures aren’t always as accurate as what you’d see in real life, so this can be a difficult decision to make. For more life-like descriptions of homes, real estate agents have started to use photogrammetry to show photos to their clients.

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