The Best Degree Options for Those with a Caring Nature

If you have a caring nature and a can-do attitude it may be worth choosing a career in which you work with others or do something to give back. Not everyone is made out for the careers below so if you do have a caring nature, these degree options need people like you. Those with a caring nature often go into jobs that can be difficult but are also extremely rewarding. Here are just a few of the best degree options for you if you have a caring nature.


This is one of the most obvious careers for anyone with a caring nature. Nursing is a very sought-after job and there are many options out there whether you enjoy working with those with learning disabilities, the older population or children. This ABSN guide can show you how you can get a degree in nursing, but even when you are qualified, once you gain some experience and knowledge you can pursue higher degrees and become more specialized in order to advance your career.

Nursing not only brings with it a good wage as you climb the career ladder, but it is also a very giving role. For those who already have a nursing degree, why not consider a school for midwifery? Nurses often feel like a change after a few years and if you already have skills in nursing, choosing midwifery is a perfect change. Midwives share one of the most special moments in a mom’s life and so those with a caring nature would be perfect for this role too.

Teaching is a very rewarding career and not one that everyone can do. In this role, you not only need to know a subject in order to teach it to others, but you also need to be strict when needed as well as supportive. Many students struggle with education and teachers are at the forefront of education.

As a teacher, you need a caring nature to understand when a student is struggling and to be able to talk to them about it. Sometimes teachers are the first to pick up on any safeguarding issues and are, therefore, very important and influential in children’s lives. We all have a teacher that we remember from school, perhaps you could be that teacher to many children.

For those who have a caring nature but aren’t too keen on working solely with people, why not choose a degree in an animal related subject? You need a caring nature to look after animals and as they cannot look after themselves, vets are extremely important and are always needed. Whilst it can take a long time to study for a degree as a vet, the job is well paid, can be extremely rewarding and a lot of fun. If you are an animal person, a degree as a vet could be for you.

Don’t forget though, it isn’t just the animals that you will be interacting with and, therefore, you need good people skills, especially when consoling an owner who has just lost their pet. A vet degree can also take you places far and wide, whether you choose to work in a surgery or in a zoo. Working as a vet also means you will be surrounded by other animal lovers and working in a role where everyone is passionate about the same thing can increase job satisfaction.

Occupational Therapist
An occupational therapist can work with both children and adults. This is another healthcare role that involves helping those with temporary or permanent disabilities to live their life to their full potential. An occupational therapist can help with many things and they work both within hospitals and in homes to ensure that any person with a physical or mental condition is fully supported. This includes providing them with equipment, support and exercises.
An occupational therapist needs to be a caring person as they will assist those with many needs to develop their skills, make a full recovery if possible, and improve their current skills to live. For those who want to work in a diverse career, occupational therapy can help with anything from palliative care to those with brain injuries. Whilst this can be a difficult role, there is nothing more rewarding than watching someone stand for the first time or seeing someone who lost the ability to walk come back into the hospital on their feet. Occupational therapists can even work with burns patients who have lost movement in limbs due to their scars.

For those who enjoy talking to people and are good at empathizing, a degree in counseling may be the right career choice for you. A counselor needs to be caring, as this is a complete stranger who you will open up to and may be the only person that ever knows some of your deepest and most meaningful secrets. Not just anyone can become a counselor so if you believe you have what it takes to listen and support others, a counseling degree can provide you with the knowledge to help others through their mental health problems.

Counseling is another diverse role and you can become a counselor in a number of different fields. You can choose to work in a hospital, with adults or children, or you may want to open your own office to speak with private patients. You can also run group sessions as a counselor; this all depends on what you prefer and how you work best. Counseling can be a very stable and well-paid career, so is certainly a degree worth investing your time and money into. It can be difficult to be non-judgmental and to not bring work home with you, so you need to be strong enough to emotionally detach from a situation whilst still being caring.

All of the above careers are a great choice for those with a caring nature who want a degree. If you are caring, you will fit in well with any career which helps others, just ensure you choose the one that you would most enjoy doing the most, as this is important too.

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