The Art of Making Yourself More Employable

There is no doubt that we live in very uncertain times. The art of making yourself more employable can prove to be enormously valuable in countless different ways. Ultimately, it is something worth doing little by little, building up your skills and knowledge in a structured way. Looking for a few ways to make yourself more employable? Here are a few tips and tricks:

Enhance Your CV

When you work in a job for a long time, it can end up being very easy to let your CV get a bit old and stale. Essentially, you need to ensure it is properly polished with all your latest skills and remove anything that has become out of date. The thinking on producing a good-quality CV or resume changes over time, so you can redesign your document over time. Don’t forget to include accomplishments in your personal life as well, which will give the impression that you are a better all-round candidate.

Develop Your Network

The ability to network properly can prove to be invaluable throughout your career. So, you should try to keep in touch with your connections as closely as possible rather than shutting them down. You never know when they might come in handy somewhere down the line. Even though we are in a world that centers on online communication at the moment, you can still find ways of expanding your social network and developing your opportunities.

Take a Course

Courses in a range of subject areas can prove to be enormously beneficial to your current job – from technical AWS certification training to language learning. Taking a new course can help to reinstil a love of learning and demonstrate to potential employers that you have the commitment to ‘better yourself’ in all sorts of different ways.

Build Up Your Online Presence

There is more to be gained from having a strong online presence than ever before – starting with your social media accounts. LinkedIn is the obvious place to start, but many employers also have a check on your personal social media, so it is worth ensuring that there isn’t anything embarrassing on there! If you work in a creative role of any description, it is worth creating a website or online portfolio site for people to peruse your work.

Get Involved with Your Community

Employers also like to see that you have things to offer outside your working role, demonstrating that you have the all-round ability and personality to do a job competently and with passion. Therefore, taking on a volunteer role or setting up an organization can go a long way towards demonstrating everything that you have to offer.

Making yourself more employable is a task that can be taken up throughout your career, so don’t ever assume that you cannot do things to improve your employability and attractiveness to potential employers now and in the future.