The 12 Best Pink Makeup Brush Sets to Add to Your Makeup Routine

What does pink make you think of? Flamingos? Cotton candy? Cyndi Lauper? 

Whatever it reminds you of, there’s no doubt that pink is a traditionally feminine color that can be done in so many ways.

When it comes to makeup brushes, we want them to be pretty. What’s prettier than pink? We’ve decided on the best makeup brush sets that come in all different shades of our favorite color. 

amoore – Brush Set with Holder

Our first on the list is a beautiful brush set that comes with a convenient holder. The set by amoore and sold by Amazon is a lovely soft pink hue and made for the person who loves a dainty style. 

This choice is 100% vegan-friendly since it was made using synthetic products. 

The softness of the brushes are something to take note of. They’re densely packed, so you’ll feel a pleasant stroke of bristles sliding across your face as you apply your favorite powders or creams.
Let’s talk about the holder. It has a magnetic closure and matches the pretty pink on the brushes. You can carry it with you when you travel or when you’re having a sleepover with friends!

What’s not to love?

Queenie Gifts (Etsy) – Glitter Aquarium Makeup Brush Set

Let’s get glittery!

This Glitter Aquarium set is a stunning work of art. Sold on Etsy, you’ll find this set for only $20, which is pretty unreal.

You’ll get a brush for everything, even for your lips! The bristles contour for every purpose, so you’ll be organized for your daytime or evening makeup routine. 

Ok, time to talk about the best part. 

The late 90’s, early 2000’s are so in right now and it’s obvious with the kinds of things you see on the market. This makeup set is no different. Check out the glitter and periwinkle purples in this makeup set. This case is one of the coolest makeup brush holders ever.

Feeling nostalgic yet? 

BH Cosmetics – Pink Perfection 

Love chevron? This may be the case for you. And by the way, it’s PINK!

The Pink Perfection makeup brush set is the ideal set for the person who loves a classic addition to their look. The holder uses a classic chevron design with that airy preppy feel. 

BH Cosmetics can be found in so many stores right now and are really hitting the market. In the pack, you’ll find contour brushes in tapered, classic, and angled. Contouring is key in modern makeup artistry right now, so this is a good buy if you want to stay up with the trends of shading and shaping. 


The Zodaca brush set is a wild pink for those who love a good basic brush. The set comes with a hot pink, fanned out beauty brush made for those who prefer the fan shape to the circular options. The rest of the brushes offer the same flattened shape in lieu of round.

It comes in a leather pouch that rolls up for easy on-the-go. We love the pink and black look! 

If you absolutely need these but want a deal, Groupon has you covered on Zodaca products. 

Teenhearts Makeup Brushes

Teenhearts is known for selling the coolest stuff. They offer what “kids these days” would consider the most cutting edge styles in apparel as well as accessories.

Their makeup brushes are also awesome. The handles are made with wood, so they’ll feel like quality when you grip them. 

Check out the shop while you’re at it! 

Luxie – Rose Gold Brush Set

Rose gold is getting its moment. From jewelry to iPhone cases, rose gold is the color everyone prefers when it comes to gold.

The Rose Gold Brush Set from Revolve is an enchanting option for your makeup routine. Feel fancy while you’re applying your powders with such luxe brushes

The description says they were “assembled with makeup lovers in mind.” These aren’t for people who put makeup on as a chore. 

Blend, highlight, smooth out, and bring out the best you with Luxie brushes.

Morphe – Vegan Brush Set

Vegans need makeup too! There’s no need to worry about animal products used in this Vegan Brush Set by Morphe. 

These brushes are actually ideal for creams but can be used for powders as well. 

They’re so delicately elegant, one review on the site states, “They feel like little clouds sent from heaven on your face.” Sold!

By the way, RetailMeNot has some poppin’ coupons for Morphe!

Spectrum – Bombshell Set

Let your inner bombshell go wild. The Bombshell Set from Spectrum will make you feel oh-so seductive. 

Not only are the brushes just so cute, but the holding case is as well!

There’s a surprising blue interior that will keep your brushes neatly in place with a stretchy band.

Feel under-the-sea gorgeous! 

Rosegal Mermaid Brushes

Are we really going to add another underwater beauty brush set to the list? Yes. Yes, we are.

The Mermaid Set from Rosegal is your best option for the perfect combination between low price and adorable.

They have FINS ON THEM! Amazing. 

You can get these brushes for under $10. 

P.S., they also sell them in blue! So pretty. 

These guys make a perfect gift for family and friends. Who doesn’t want to open their gift up to this?


Docolor – Unicorn Makeup Brushes  

Our last on the list is most certainly not the least. 

The Docolor Unicorn Set is a sparkly choice for those who want to be unique, rare, and beautiful – like a unicorn! 

They have a brush for everything you’d need. Contouring, highlighting, blending, and more. There’s special attention to lips on this set as it offers a general lip brush and a lip liner brush. 

Put Your Best Face Forward

Whether it’s for a gift or a special treat for yourself, you’ll be set with adding any of these fab makeup brushes to your already killer makeup routine. Makeup lovers and newbies alike know that enjoying your makeup routine is key to a successful application process. Pick the set for you! 

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