23 Festive Thanksgiving Dessert Ideas to Please Your Guests

Thanksgiving is fast approaching and it is impossible to resist indulging in the treat ideas? We certainly can’t. Leaving aside the traditional pumpkin pie, this year, we suggest you try fresh new recipes to please your family members and guests. Cupcakes, macarons, cookies, cakes, tarts… There are ocean of ideas to try and place on your treat table. We checked out our favourite pastry accounts on Instagram and combed their feeds to find the most delicious and irresistably beautiful dishes for your sweet tooth only. So take a look through some of our favorites and let your creative juices flow for this Thanksgiving. Believe us, your family dinner guests will thank you. After you finished baking, we wouldn’t blame you if wanted to have a little dessert before dinner. Here you can see the best and latest photo-ideas in our gallery below. You can choose and share some of them to ask your friends opinion.

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