Tattoo Artist Turns Her Brilliant Illustrations Into Body Art

Italian illustrator and tattoo artist Erika Wonderland is the name behind the scene of these exceptionally brilliant tattoos. She draws illustrations based on their clients’ requests and wishes, then applies them on their skin successfully. She creates beautiful doll tattoos and names them after their owners and also makes animal designs like the little elephant which became viral on Pinterest and little kittens with gorgeous eyes, frogs, unicorns, and many more. Little warriors, astranouts, pirates are among her portfolio, too, which we bet reflect their owners’ childhood dreams. It is true that when creativity, imagination and talent for art blends together, the result is always satisfying and means a piece of art which will be showcased on skin forever. If you are planning to get a new tattoo soon, this article will surely inspire you on your decision-making process. Don’t like tattoos? Then you can have some of her illustrations printed on a shopping bag! Take a look at Erica’s impressive illustrations on human body then let us know about your favourite ones.