Strong, Durable and Aesthetically Pure Concrete Basins

London-trained fine art graduate Tim Bayes is the genius name behind the idea of using concrete in contemporary interiors. After exploring ways of how to use this liquid stone for home decoration, he came up with the idea of designing interior surfaces out of concrete. With its strong, durable and aesthetically pure features, concrete hand-wash basins brought a fresh approach to home architecture and design. As stated on their website; “Getting concrete right is all about fine-tuning the mix, and it has been Tim’s unique blend of the relentless pursuit of design excellence combined with years of careful research and development in manufacturing that has grown lowinfo into a company so sought-after by architects and designers alike. Tim and the Lowinfo team have been experimenting and refining basins for over a decade and now in Kast his superb design detailing, precision blend of admixtures and optimised internal structure perfectly combine to bring a flexible and sublime range of highly durable basin products.” If you want to add an extraordinarily perfect and a designer made “accessory” to your guest bathroom, one of these pieces is absolutely what you are looking for. Just check different designs of concrete basins then let us know about your thoughts.