Streetwear Accessories You Need In 2020


Streetwear was born with Californian surf culture, around 50 years, although it didn’t blow up till the noughties, with the rise of skate culture, and as the New York hip-hop scene began to dominate the music industry, introducing a generation to baggy jeans and graphic tees.

Today’s streetwear is usually influenced by sportswear, casualwear and clean, crisp shapes. The trendy style is worn by members of various subcultures including, urban youth subcultures, surf and skate culture, the music industry and fashion icons.

Accessories are an important part of any outfit, they allow you to express your personal style and add flair to a streetwear look. They also allow you to change an outfit, transforming it to an entirely different look, an outfit can be styled simply by changing up the accessories. While the classic streetwear accessory is sneakers, here are a few others you can add to jazz up any outfit


Modern streetwear takes inspiration from sportswear for its simplicity and versatility, carabiners are an example of this, traditionally an accessory used for rock climbers and other rugged outdoor activity, they have now become a staple for many, with a permanent spot hooked onto jeans or tailored trousers.

Carrying your house keys have never looked so cool with the mini carabiner clip, the accessory which combines functionality with fashion.


Whether you have your work laptop, camera, gym gear or have just run out of space in your pockets. The modern world has us always on the go, meaning that daily we carry around lots of gear and gadgets. The perfect accessory to do that is a practical and trendy backpack.

We have seen brands emerging with some high-fashion versions of the classic backpack, providing plenty of options for you to purchase to complement your street-wear look. Whilst keeping your hands free, your shoulders relieved and your items safely protected from the elements.

Bucket Hat

The bucket hat is a fashion accessory that has come and gone over the years, but its effortless style is constant. Characterised by its short and downward sloping brim, sitting just above the eyes.

The bucket hat, traditionally a summer accessory, often in bright colours and patterns and seen rocking out at a music festival or down the beach on a Sunday afternoon, has recently become an accessory that transcends season. You’ll be happy to see this summer essential making its way into your winter wishlist. With fluffy, bucket hats are a great way of keeping your head cosy while looking stylish in the winter months.

Bum Bags

If you are going out for the day and only need to carry minimal items, finish off your outfit with a bum bag. The versatile accessory can be worn in a variety of ways, wear it on your hips, across the body, slung over your shoulder, layered over a jacket or cinched in the waist. Brighten up any outfit with bright contrasting colours or funky patterns, the nighties accessory is 2020 must.