Stainless Steel Wall Mount Shelves

There is a restaurant shelving stainless steel in every professional kitchen. More universal furniture for storing washed dishes has not yet been invented. In any institution, the number of dishes used is in the hundreds, so you need to provide enough space where it can be folded to dry. The expediency of buying a stainless steel wall shelf for a professional kitchen is also manifested in the price and ease of use of the equipment.

So, a high-quality stainless steel rack for storing food and drying dishes, glasses, will cost the owners of establishments several times cheaper than any wooden counterparts. At the same time, the stainless steel wall structure will provide employees of cafes and bars, canteens and restaurants with direct access to the products or kitchen utensils located on the equipment, which, in turn, will significantly save time on their search.

Special attention should be paid to hygiene, because there are quite serious requirements for professional kitchen utensils, which wall mounted metal shelving meets exactly. Stainless steel is a material that is unique in its characteristics, it not only meets the declared norms and quality standards, but is also distinguished by ease of maintenance, ease of use and aesthetic appearance.

Main advantages of restaurant shelving stainless steel

Metal racks are made of lightweight construction with shelves. They can be placed in a room of any size, but they are distinguished by their spaciousness, increased strength, and additional shelving accessories as casters.

Any wall mounted metal shelving for dishes, food or kitchen utensils is a reliable and durable equipment that should be present in every professional kitchen, because the designs have numerous advantages, among which it is necessary to highlight:

  • High resistance to any mechanical and chemical influences (despite the daily contact of cleaning chemicals with stainless steel racks, the equipment does not lose its presentable appearance, does not deteriorate or deform);
  • Possibility of placing and storing several types of products, dishes or kitchen utensils on one structure at the same time;
  • A rack for drying dishes, regardless of size and type, is considered a very durable structure that can withstand various weights, ranging from 200 or more kilograms;
  • A stainless steel wall shelf of production type is specialized equipment for catering establishments, which fully complies with strict sanitary and hygienic standards.

Even with an impressive list of advantages, restaurant equipment for restaurant kitchens are at an affordable price, which mainly depends on indicators such as width, height, and the number of shelves.

Prices for  restaurant shelving stainless steel vary depending on the number of shelves, sections and overall dimensions, which can always be selected at the request of the customer. Low prices for stainless steel shelving should alert you. This can only mean that the furniture manufacturer saves on metal and on the quality of its products. Stainless steel is not all the same quality.