Speedpaint Tips: How To Do Speedpaints In 2022

When was the last time you’ve watched a speedpaint video? Probably, not so long ago. This type of content has an oddly mesmerizing nature, creating an entirely new perspective on art. However, making your own recording is quite the challenge.

Today you will learn more about several free speedpaint apps, their features, and different techniques to create the most engaging content. Read on for more!

What’s a speedpaint?

A speedpaint is a sped-up recording of an image’s drawing process. The term usually refers to digital art, although physical paintings are used as well.

Apart from being another type of engaging content, speedpainting videos also help artists learn by observing other artists do the job. You can watch different techniques, see the software applied, and master skills on the go.

There are multiple examples of speedpaints on YouTube and other services. You will definitely find one for every topic!

How to record a speedpaint?

The backbone of any speedpaint video is a screen recorder. It seems to be quite simple – just download the software and start recording. However, in reality, there are dozens of features & issues that one must be aware of. Thus, we shall cover several screen recorders that are the perfect choice for speedpainting.

1.   Movavi Screen Recorder

This application will help you get a Full HD video of your drawing process. It comes with an intuitive interface, various recording modes, and the possibility to show keystrokes & mouse movements. Basically, that’s all you need for shooting your first speedpaint.


  • Unlimited free access without time limits;
  • Simultaneous webcam recording;
  • Compatible with Windows and macOS.


  • There’s a watermark in the free version.

Also, note that editing the recording is a separate process that requires different software.

2.   QuickTime Player

This tool’s peculiarity is the fact that it’s already pre-installed on all Apple computers. To use QuickTime as a screen recorder, follow the official instructions. The app is a great choice as it’s optimized specifically for Mac devices, lets you select the recording area, and comes with all standard features.


  • Available for free and is already pre-installed;
  • You can choose the recording area, mode, etc.;
  • No watermarks.


  • Designed specifically for macOS;
  • Unavailable on other operating systems.

Although QuickTime has an app for Windows, the OS is no longer supported officially.

3.   AZ Screen Recorder

Many people paint on their smartphones, so we’ve decided to add an Android tool to the list. This app lets you record your screen without a watermark. It also shows touches, movements, etc. If you don’t have a built-in recorder, this one is a good substitution.


  • Available for free without watermarks;
  • Different settings to optimize the recording.


  • Android-only.

Keep in mind that some Android devices have built-in screen recording features, so you might want to use those first.

Tips to make your speedpaint video interesting

Watching other people draw is undoubtedly engaging. However, try remembering the videos you’ve previously watched. You’ve probably had both situations:

  1. The video is interesting, but you can’t watch it for more than 5 minutes.
  2. The video is interesting, and you can watch it for hours.

What’s the catch? It’s a complex of elements like sound, pace, commentary, and many others. These determine whether the general image will keep the viewer “hypnotized” for long. We’ve prepared some tips based on the opinion of various artists on YouTube and DeviantArt.

1.   Music or voice-over?

Every video requires a soundtrack. It wouldn’t be very interesting to watch someone draw in silence, so we need to come up with the right audio. This brings us two options: music or voice-over.

If you choose to use music, the first thing to do is find an appropriate soundtrack. We choose the music first because it gives us an idea of the video length. It would normally cover the length of the audio. This approach helps you choose the right pace and make a better edit.

People usually apply Lo-Fi melodies, although the only limit is your imagination. You can find royalty-free music on Bensound or any other service. Ensure you indicate the author to prevent getting a copyright claim!

Going with the voice-over path lets you create videos that last about an hour. The reason people watch these is because you keep them engaged with valuable information. These could be your commentaries regarding the painting, life stories, QA sessions, and anything else that would keep the audience interested. In this case, it is best when you make the voice-over after editing the video, as it involves your thoughts & opinions on the final stage.

2.   Optimal video length

There were multiple debates on DeviantArt regarding the optimal video length for speedpainting. Research on Statista shows that the average duration considering all categories is 11,7 minutes. However, nobody has conducted a specific study regarding speedpainting.

We get two groups of people, and it is easy to guess that this is a “short vs long” argument. Nevertheless, the most reasonable answer depends on your platform and context based on all the research.

For example, here’s how we’d recommend keeping your videos:

  • Up to 1 minute for social media like Instagram & Facebook;
  • 5-10 minutes for YouTube when it’s a music clip;
  • 1 hour+ for YouTube when it’s speedpainting with a voiceover.

There is no perfect formula that suits everyone and everything. You can get your solution by experimenting and gathering your audience’s feedback. That’s the only real way to achieve the highest results.

3.   Detailed editing

If you want to make your video even better, try adding different visual effects throughout the editing process. This would make a sort of contrast, definitely getting the viewer’s attention. Although this isn’t always required, you could also apply color correction to make the speedpainting look brighter.

Also, don’t forget about intros and outros, which act as a CTA. You can ask the viewers to like & subscribe, visit your social media, donate, or do anything else in these. They also add up to the elements that make you more recognizable, so use the features wisely.

If you do physical art, it would be great to take a professional photo of it for the thumbnail and social media. This could draw additional attention to your content, as people would be intrigued to see the creation process. We’ve previously covered 7 tips for photographers to take better shots just for this occasion!

The bottom line

If you’re into speedpainting, experiment with different styles and techniques to find the best approach for your art. We’ve mentioned software for Windows, macOS, and Android that will help you record digital drawings. Working with physical art requires different equipment and approaches, so think of it as additional space for creative development. Keep up the vibe!