Smart Ways to Prepare Your Home for Winter

Living through the winters in Calgary can be difficult due to how cold it can get and how long they last. Temperatures that are well into minus’ are common for many months out of the year. Unless you enjoy being out in subzero temperatures, you will likely be spending a lot of time in your home.

Before winter hits (or as soon as possible, if it already has) it is a good idea to prepare your home for the cold. Doing so can help you have a more comfortable winter, and enjoy your space as much as possible without any issues. With that in mind, let’s go over some smart ways to prepare your home for the winter.

Make Sure the Furnace Is Working

One of the first things you should do is to make sure your furnace is working. Without a furnace, it will be impossible to keep your home warm throughout the winter. There are several warning signs that your furnace may be struggling. First, you may notice an increase to your heating costs, as the furnace may be running longer or working harder to reach your desired temperatures.

Other possible signs of furnace issues are loud noises, cold air coming from the furnace and a weak flame in the pilot light. If you find your furnace is struggling, or just want to get it checked out, be sure to reach out to a company like Furnace Repair Calgary. Make sure the company is experienced and knowledgeable enough to get your furnace in working order.

Change Up the Decor

Since you are going to be spending a lot of time indoors in the winter, why not change up the decor to match the season? A seasonal change to your decor can be just what you need to reignite your love for your home, and can also give you some things to do when you’re cooped up inside during the winter.

As for what types of things you can do, the possibilities are endless. Some of the best choices include adding warmth and comfort with blankets, adding some greenery or earthy accents, and lighting some candles to give off a calm and relaxing aroma. All of these can help you transition your home into the winter months. These changes will ensure it is a peaceful place to be, and comfortable for the long cold stretch ahead.

Ensure Your Home Is Sealed Properly

Having your house fully sealed from the cold outdoor environment is important to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. Unfortunately, many homes (especially those that are a little bit older) may have gaps or degraded weatherstripping in certain areas, allowing cold outdoor air to get inside.

If you notice your home is a bit colder than normal or you feel a draft, take some time to detect the air leaks. They can be found anywhere, but are often near door and window frames in particular. These leaks can be seen visually, but there are also other tests you can do if you can’t see them.

When you find them, it is important to seal them with a product such as caulking or something similar. Be sure to fill them correctly and test them afterwards to ensure they are completely sealed. If not, you might have to return and do it all over again once you discover it was done incorrectly.

Make Sure Your Home Is Ready for Winter

By deciding to change up the decor, ensuring the leaks and cracks are sealed and taking time to make sure your furnace is functional, you can make sure your home is ready for whatever winter has in store for you.