Simple Beard Grooming Tips From the Experts

If you’re like most men, you’ll agree that a man’s beard says a lot about who he is. There was a time when people believed beards to be a sign of wisdom and wealth. Nowadays, they’re more like an indicator of style and swagger. Continue reading to learn how to control your fuzzy image.

Keep It Fresh and Soften It Up

You should treat your beard like a high maintenance head of hair. Cleaning your beard hair is just as important as it is with the hair on your scalp. The only difference is probably the amount of effort you’ll need to put into your beard after you wash it. Just like your scalp, you don’t need to wash it every day. Three times a week will suffice.

After you wash it, unless you go straight to brushing and trimming, you’ll want to rub it down with some handmade beard oils to restore some of the moisture you lost from washing it. This will keep it soft and silky. The only thing that will be more alluring than the shiny, soft beard you’ll be sporting is the handsome beau beneath it.

Brush It Out

After drying your beard, and before trimming, give your beard a once-over with a brush. By combing against the grain with a coarse bristled brush, you’ll be able to see the variation in length, making it easier to know which parts need more trimming. The brushing will also serve as an exfoliate to remove dead skin.

Trim It to Your Liking

It’s always a good idea to start with the biggest guard to avoid trimming off too much. You can slowly work your way down to a smaller guard until you find the ideal length. If it’s the first time you’re grooming your beard down, then consider checking how you look at each different length.

Whatever style you decide to go with, make sure it suits the shape of your face. There’s a wide range of beard styles that compliment all the many facial features out there. Much like your clothes, you’ll want something that accentuates your bone structure.

Whether you have a heart-shaped face or oblong, there’s bound to be a style that has been conjured up by all the wise men who came before you. So do your due diligence and find the right style for you.

The Mustache

The mustache can be a difficult part of the grooming process, but practice makes perfect. Use a pair of clippers to snip off all the hairs sticking out from the rest of your beard, and use them to clean up the upper lip as well. A little overhang on the lips or a clean cut will just depend on the beard’s overall look.

Remember that caring for your beard requires a little more upkeep than the rest of your body hair probably does. You’ll want to give it some love at least a few times a week. The longer you wait to groom it, the more difficult it will be once you decide to. Always bear in mind that if you’re good at your beard, then the ladies will be good to you.