Sika Deer Under Cherry Blossoms in Nara Park, Japan

Kazuki Ikeda was preparing to take a photoshoot of a couple before their wedding, but instead, his photoshoot turned out to be a viral sensation and a calming experience to people struggling with isolation. Nara Park is famous for its Sika deer population. These majestic animals love being in the park under the cherry blossoms. Visitors, and of course tourists love to come to the park and buy crackers made especially for feeding Sika deer, as it can be seen in one of the videos on the photographer’s social media accounts. Ikeda originally came to the park to give full attention to the couple but Kodak moments were there to be taken. Interestingly these photos were shot in April, but in March the tourism was shut down, and people were in isolation, which led to Sika deer moving from park to the streets, just roaming, looking for a snack. Now, people are coming back outside and animals are returning back to their park and cherry blossoms. “The pandemic is exhausting the hearts of people all over the world,” Ikeda spoke on the matter. “I hope this video makes people around the world feel at ease”.

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Nara Park is famous for its Sika Deer population

Photo credit: Kazuki Ikeda

But in March due to isolation, Sika deer went further away from the park.

Photo credits: okadennis

They were seen roaming the streets, looking for food.

In April, things were coming back to normal, as people started going outside, animals went back to the park.

Photo credits: Kazuki Ikeda

Photographer Kazuki Ikeda scheduled a photoshoot of a couple before a wedding at the Nara Park.

But soon, the focus shifted to the majestic animals.

These shoots went viral on social media, encouraging people to visit this beautiful city the moment coronavirus crisis pass.

“I hope this video [and photos] make people around the world feel at ease” – Kazuki Ikeda

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