Mark Imhof Gives the Shelter Dogs New Hairstyles for Free

Mark Imhof is a professional dog groomer who decided to help older shelter dogs to get picked for adoption. Very often the older dogs are not getting picked simply because they don’t look as appealing as some other, younger dogs. And the hair is the big part of that problem. These dogs have been living stranded in the streets for a very long time and had no one to trim their wildly grown hair. So, Mark decided to cut their hair for free in order to give these dogs a chance to get adopted in the future. Most of these four-legged fellas are very beautiful, but that beauty is hiding beneath all that huge and wild hair. These lovely photographs are showing the amazing transformation that these unfortunate dogs experienced. For more of Mark’s photos visit his Instagram and Facebook page.

This little fella is grateful.


Fresh and good-looking.


Some of the dogs are buried underneath the hair.


An extreme makeover.


He is smiling again.


These old dogs now have a chance to be adopted.


Mark does it all for free.

via (boredpanda)
via (boredpanda)

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