The Most Attractive Bridal Dress Designs by Sassi Holford

Famous designer Sassi Holford founded her own label and it soon became synonymous with luxury fashion. She discovered her interest for fashion in 1981 with a wedding dress that she designed for a ‘friend in need’. She was passionate about creating luxury clothes for women and bridal was an obvious starting point and a decision which has led to her distinguished success. Sassi herself embraces Brisith style and reflects her taste through her perfectly designed bridal dresses. As well as creating award-winning and highly acclaimed bridal gowns, Sassi has made an impact on the fashion world with her classic and versatile pieces which are aimed at the stylish woman. With extravagant fabrics, Sassi’s exquisite designs are sophisticated, elegant and contemporary that attract clients from across the globe. Her instinctive eye for detail results in the famous cut, incredible fit and effortless style that makes her label so unique. If you are looking for a timeless and elegant wedding dress, you must check Sassi Holford collections throughly. Here you can see our favourite ones. Take a look at them and remember to add the ones you love to your dream bridals board on Pinterest.