Rich McCor Strikes Again with His Inspiring and Whimsical Photos

Remember when we talked about the talented and creative Rich McCor who merges various paper cut outs with famous landmarks to create lovely art. Well, he continued to do exactly that and now we have more of his fantastic photos. This time he’s ben transforming monuments like the legendary Colosseum in Rome, the statue of Jesus in Rio de Janeiro, statue of David, and many more famous and natural landmarks. Rich really loves to travel and he creates lovely art wherever he goes. We hope he’ll continue with his inspiring hobby for many years to come.

Hey kitty.

The giant penguin.

The Colosseum octopus.

David in boxers.

The Pisa embrace.

Sideshow Bob!

So clever!

The Titanic.

Spring cleaning.

Polar bear on ice.

Who’s ready to party?

via (boredpanda)