Remarkable Macro and Nature Photography by Helen Tran

Writer, professor and nature-lover Helen Tran who specializes in landscapes, nature, and macro photography. She takes impressive macro images of flowers and also other nature elements including animals. “I’m a Professor of Communications, but I have degrees in Medieval & Renaissance Studies, English Literature and Creative Writing. I like to think that my odd academic background informs my photography as well as my writing and work life. I’m also a huge film nerd and enjoy all sorts of popular fiction. I’m sure a little bit of everything will make its way into my blog posts.” she states on her blog where she shares her thoughts, beginner photography tips, and art collaborations with friends. Her story continues like this; “I owned a SONY point-and-shoot over ten years ago and nurtured my love for photography in such places as Vietnam, England, and Iceland. Eventually, that little digital camera died a noble death in Iceland (after ingesting too much ash from the eruption of Mt. Eyjafjallajökull). As I approached my 30th year, I underwent some big life changes. 2019 was a year of equal parts uncertainty and certainty. Then I received a CANON EOS REBEL T7i as a birthday gift. These days, I only look forward (through the viewfinder) and I’ll never look back.” Then she started an Instagram account in September, 2019 when she had her first DSLR. She actually had no idea what she was doing and where that would go, she was just sure of that photography was a way to let off some steam while flexing her creative muscles. For the future, she has plans for her photography website, and ambitions to open up an online store to sell photo products and prints, but that currently takes a backseat to parenting while working from home during a pandemic. She has an amazing feed full of nature beauties and we’ve packed up some to take you away for a while.