Rainbow Macramé Wall Party by Agnes Hansella

Agnes Hansella is known for her 48-meter-wide and 4-meters long piece made in Bahrain, but today we’ll share with you her gorgeous rainbow threads knotted into Macrame wall hangings. As an artist, Hansella feels that she mustn’t cage herself to a certain style. She tries to give her instincts full control when she approaches each new piece. “I always think of art as something that keeps evolving. It’s like a relay race where I’m one part that connects the past and future,” Hansella says. Blending dyed and natural threads, creating knots and ties, and twists, macrame wall hangings are used as decorations originating from the Arabic weavers during the 13th century. The detailed pieces often come in geometric shapes, rainbow glitches, or even marvelous landscapes. Inspired by everything she sees or hears, by the Indigenous songs from her time she spent studying cinema in Canada, and especially from the interactions with her father’s native Dayak tribe. Hansella spent her childhood in Borneo, where she got to see and understand the art of woven baskets and other textiles that shaped her visionary mind.
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Photo credits: Agnes Hansella

Spending her childhood in Borneo, Agnes Hansella was introduced early to the arts of woven textiles and much more.

Hansella’s inspiration largely comes from her interactions with her father’s native Dayak tribe.

Her complex pieces often come in geometric shapes, but also with imagery of landscapes and mountains!

You can visit Hansella’s online shop and decorate your room with her art piece.

Welcome color into your world.

Macramé wall party by Agnes Hansella.

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