20 Happy Pride Rainbow Cookies To Inspire You

We know it’s technically the end of June right now, but we think it’s a great message year-round. We only get this one life, and we owe it to ourselves to live this life the way we want to, and the way that makes us happy. How have you helped promote equality? How do you explain equality, sexuality and love to your kids? Love comes in many forms and sometimes it is a rainbow cookie. Nothing is like some rainbows and sunshine to brighten up a day, right? Besides, there is nothing more entertaining than baking cookies with your kids and then decorating them in different styles. You can get your favourite cookie recipe with your little ones and then shape and style them to turn them into rainbows. It is easier then you think and make great family activity. Just prepare some dough and tell your kids that you are gonna make rainbows out of them and remember to talk about equality and sexuality while you are working together. We love spending such fun time with our kids in the kitchen and we are sure you do the same. Need some photo ideas? Here you can find our favourite rainbow cookies that you can make all year round.


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