Meet Wesley, a Puppy That had to Wear Braces

We are used to seeing braces on teenagers and small kids, but not only humans wear them. Wesley is an adorable little golden Retriever who had problems with his teeth since he was born. In the early months, he didn’t have too many problems, but when his adult teeth came in, then he wasn’t able to close his mouth anymore. He stopped playing with his toys, he got depressed, he didn’t want to eat anything. The owners thought that problems will pass, but when Wesley started to lose weight, they took him to doctors where he got his braces. Everybody expected him to protest and to be bothered by this new and unpleasant thing in his mouth, but Wesley is one brave puppy. The good thing is that he will be wearing the braces for only a few weeks.

Wesley had problems with his teeth since he was born.


But this handsome fella is very brave.


He got his braces at Harborfront Hospital for Animals.


But he still knows how to smile.


Okay, sometimes he tries to hide from people.


But most of the time he’s very happy.


This man took real good care of Wesley.

via (boredpanda)
via (boredpanda)

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