Pet Photographer and Her Love at First Shoot with Foxes

Not so long ago, just around Christmas, we introduced you with Rhiannon Buckle, pet photographer from Bristol, UK. This time we’re sharing her story about the rare opportunity she got – to photograph foxes. Our featured photographer had a chance to work with Joy’s Pets, based in Gloucestershire, UK. Amongst exotic animals like reptiles, owls and hedgehogs they also house a small family of foxes. And yes, she took up the challenge of shooting these beautiful but wild creatures and was so thrilled with the result of the images. Scroll down and see for yourself, for more information and cuddly photos visit Rhiannon’s Instagram Page.

“Ruda is the adolescent cinnamon fox. She was a bit shy in the studio but made herself at home on the sofas,” – Rhiannon wrote.

“She was curious about the camera and I managed to get some amazing wide-angle shots of her.”

“These shots may look like easy ones to capture but as well as making sure the fox was comfortable with myself and my equipment, I was also continually thinking about how I was lighting my subject and what my next shot was gonna be. The fox, the composition, the lighting, the pose, the focus, the timing. My brain was working overtime!”

“Jaeger is the Silver Fox. I first met him when he was 6 weeks old. He adapted extremely well to the studio space.”

“He was very curious, sniffing out every nook and cranny, figuring out his surroundings.”

“He was also wanting to cuddle and bury himself into your chest and whilst I was taking photos he fell asleep on set!”

“I then met him again for a second shoot when he was around 8 months old. At this time he had human interaction every day and also learned a few tricks like sit and give paw.”

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