Pastry Chef Opens The Door Of Her Kitchen For Dessert Lovers

Camille is a professionally trained pastry chef with a passion for food photography and styling, travel, cookies, all things French, and skiing. She spend her days raising 3 amazing kids while baking and photographing desserts on the daily. “After being obsessed with desserts all my adolescent years, I went to culinary school and got my pastry degree.” she expresses on her blog, adding that; “I worked as a wedding cake designer/decorator, catered, and had 2 small food blogs. Most recently, I have been teaching royal icing cookie classes.” Currently, Baker Street is her passion and where she plans to make her home for years to come. “Baker Street is as much a place for me as it is a website. I imagine it like a street in Paris that is dotted with bakeries and patisseries. When you come to Baker Street Society, you can find the best recipes for every baked good and dessert you can imagine!” she states her thoughts and feelings about her blog. Through her blog, she invites you to enjoy the beautiful world of desserts as it is a place of community and positivity where everyone can learn and grow together. If you are fond of desserts, photography and blogging, you need to check her page and follow her Instagram account. Here we showcase some of her impressive sweeties for your eyes only.