22 Most Inspiring Pallet Bed Design Ideas

It is always smart to go for inexpensive materials when furnishing your home for the first time or redesigning some rooms for a change. Recycable items make the most useful materials with their versatility. With some imagination and creativity, it is possible to make almost everything you need out of leftover things. Pallets are only one of these materials open for all type of recycle & repurpose projects and one of the most popular one is undoubtedly making pallet beds. It’s not hard to find pallets for reclamation as there are plenty of them at the dumps, shipping area, behind big-box stores, large retailers and landfills which are enough to fulfill your long awaited furnishing desires. Just make sure that they are safe for reuse and they haven’t been used to transport any toxic or dangerous materials. You will need 4 pallets for a queen size bed with some room around the edges for storing items such as a reading lamp, books, etc. What makes this kind of bed is you don’t need a boxspring which means saving your money to spend on other things. This type of bed is the best for bohemian, industrial and romantic bedrooms and they are enough to upgrade the look of your sleeping place once combined with matching textiles and accessories. So what is the waiting for, grab some pallet skids and choose your favorite bed design to realize it at home today. Whether you want to build your own dream bed or need one for your guest room, below you’ll find our favorite pallet bed designs.

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