Nature Inspired Decorative Pottery by Carol Long

Handmade tile and decorative pottery is where vastly talented and experienced artist Carol Long shines best. Her education in arts started in High school but flourished in Barton County Community College (Associates Degree 1985), where Long felt that ceramics might be her expertise. Born in 1965 and raised on a farm in Stafford County, Kansas, she had found a true connection with nature and appreciation for plant and animal life. With her mother who also was interested in art, Carol went to museums which only increased the fire of an artist inside of her. Always feeling the need to express herself, Long even when she was a child used one of her father’s cattle syringes filled with mud to build structures in the driveway. It was 1986 when the first one-artist show was under the name of Carol Long, now decades further, numerous exhibitions, shows, publications, galleries, juried art fairs have been a part of her career, a very successful one.

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Photo credits: Carol Long

Carol Long draws inspiration from plant and animal life

She was raised in a place surrounded by beautiful nature, woods full of animals, and plant life.

Her need to express herself grew more the more she practiced various arts

With decades of experience with ceramics, Carol is one of the greatest artists you could follow

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