Husband Pays a Lovely Tribute to His Blind Wife by Creating Her Own Private Garden

Mr. and Mrs. Kuroki are a married couple from Japan. They were living happily on their farm in the countryside for many years until Mrs. Kuroki lost her sight due to some diabetes complications. Then everything changed for Mr. and Mrs. Kuroki and their two kids. Mrs. Kuroki closed herself up completely, she didn’t even wanted to leave the house. She was always inside and her caring husband had to do something about that. So, he started to plant flowers all over their yard so his wife could enjoy in that beautiful smell every day. He never knew how huge this garden will be when he first started, but after two years of very hard work, his wife got her own peaceful oasis where she can now enjoy the perfect smell of flowers that exist just for her. What a beautiful way to pay tribute to your soulmate.

It’s not easy to plant so many flowers.


But, Mr. Kuroki showed how much he cares about his wife.


People from all over the world are coming to see this masterpiece.


It looks like a scene from some fairy tale.


He finally made her smile again.


This is what true love looks like.


The only thing he wanted was to hear his wife’s laughter again.

via (boredpanda)
via (boredpanda)

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