Mono Gonzalez and Seth in Kiev, Ukraine

One of the most exciting art tools since the spray can is definitely the internet. Street artists are no longer only limited to seeing art on the streets of their city; they now have access to a never ending stream of creative works from all over the world, instantaneously. This drives creativity
forward at an unprecedented speed and all the marvelous murals we see around the world today are a manifestation of these exciting modern times. Many get inspired, reach out to one another and collaborate on walls. The ripple effect continues. This matchup between Julien Malland (also known as Seth) and Mono Gonzalez from Chile is a perfect example of this new age of art in the twenty first century.

The world is moving faster than ever. People travel the globe hopping from city to city chasing walls or whatever else and along the way magical things tend to happen. So when both artists met one summer evening in Kyiv, before they had to separate to their new destinations, they came up with the idea for this collaboration. Now the two distinct styles were interwoven on a wall of the School #247 in Kiev, Ukraine.

The wall is a fun revelation for the kids coming back to school after the long summer break. One that challenges them to reflect on the difference between arts seen in galleries versus what they see daily in public. Every good idea comes from an inspiration; perhaps this wall will give the young students a new outlook on their own arts. But before they throw themselves at large scale mural projects, they will have to bust out their Molotow paint markers and do some major practicing in the sketchbook first.

Both artists came through with their signature styles which blend together like warm butter on toast. The bold bright colors of the abstracted plants contrasting the more muted coloration of the little girl also add to the theme of duality, diversity and large spectrum of possibilities in today’s modern age.

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