Mistakes to Avoid When Cleaning a Carpet or Rug

Who doesn’t love a clean, neat home with glistening carpets and rugs? However, it isn’t as easy as it seems. Keeping carpets clean takes a lot of hard work, and most people would agree that a carpet is never spotless until the water runs clear. But is that as simple as it sounds? Well, experts suggest that you could be doing more harm than good in the way you clean your carpets.  So, are you committing any of the common carpet cleaning mistakes? Read on to find out now!

Letting Stains Settle

Your kids just had a play date, and things got a little messy, but you can tend to the stains later, right? Wrong! The longer a stain or spill sits on the carpet, the harder it is to remove traces of it. So, make sure you attend to the spills and stains immediately.

While it might seem a little off-putting to sit down and clean the rug in the middle of a party, you can reduce the damage by stopping the stain spread. For instance, if someone spilled wine, take a damp clean cloth and leave it on the wine spill until it is soaked up. This will make sure that the stains do not spread and discolor the rug or form molds.

Wrong Cleaner

There are some instances in New York City where people are too busy to have their carpets cleaned due to a hectic lifestyle there. Getting reliable NYC carpet and rug steam cleaning contractors to help you out is a solution that presents a lot of value. When these professionals  are actually hired, they would often ask you one common question – what is your carpet made of? Yes, every carpet fiber is different from the other, which means the cleaning solution you use on them cannot be the same. If you are cleaning the rugs without professional help, please pick a cleaning solution ideal for your carpet type. Else, all you would have is a damaged carpet, a whole lot of cleaning solution money down the drain, and too much regret!

Excessive Scrubbing

While scrubbing the carpets and rugs endlessly is the most logical way to do it, a few believe that this could be damaging the carpet instead of cleaning it. Many people say that this could be a grave mistake or a cardinal sin in carpet cleaning. So, the solution to cleaning a carpet better is to avoid scrubbing hard at the stain.  When you rigorously scrub the stains, you damage the fabric and push the stains a little deeper than they are. Instead, it would help if you gently dabbed the stains on the carpet as soon as it occurs. And if the stains on the rug are relatively old, you could spray some cleaning solution on the stain before wiping it with a clean cloth.

Bad Maintenance

Just as every other accessory in your house, a carpet needs regular care and professional maintenance too. If you go for long periods without vacuuming the carpet or getting it cleaned by a professional, you would be damaging the carpet. However, remember, vacuum-cleaning alone wouldn’t be enough. While it can be expensive to hire a professional, remember that doing it once a year would cost less than buying a new rug. It would also save you on medical bills because a dirty carpet could cause more infections than you would like to believe!

Besides these four cardinal mistakes, you should also avoid using random carpet deodorants as the cheap over-the-counter products could damage the carpet fiber. These are just a handful of carpet cleaning mistakes that you should religiously avoid. If these things are avoided, your carpet stands the chance to last longer.