Miniature Sculptures Made Out of Pencil’s Lead by Salvat Fidai

An extremely versatile artist, brilliant in many art forms, Russia’s Salvat Fidai is a national treasure. Today we’re covering only his highly detailed miniature sculptures mostly done on the end of the pencil’s lead. Fidai uses an X-ACTO knife for carving sculptures based on pop culture, buildings, statues, and everyday objects. His art career started only 5 years ago, but his entire life was drenched into a world of creativity coming from a family of artists. Ufa-a based, the multitalented artist faces miniature sculptures with a few challenges that come along the way. For one is the strength of the lead and the pressure it can withstand. Fidai has to be very careful and the mistakes are easy to be made. Gentle touch and a sharp eye for detail come to play as he makes it look easy in the making process that you can see in timelapse videos on his Youtube channel.

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Photo credits: Salvat Fidai

Fidai uses an X-ACTO knife for carving these adorable miniature sculptures

Russian multitalented artist, Salvat Fidai comes from a family of artists

Everything he does from paintings, sculpting, photography, comes naturally to him

Using much more than just the end of the lead

Arya Stark

The star in the middle

Made for the Valentine’s Day


Leaning Tower of Pisa

Miniature Baby Yoda picking up other pencils



Looking like real lead

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