Wife of the Year – Mika Makes Bento Lunchboxes for Her Husband Inspired by Things He Adores

When you are truly in love you keep on creating pleasant surprises for your partner forever. Like Mika Matsuura does for her lucky husband. Her husband is in charge of a local factory in Hiroshima, Japan, and almost every day he has a surprise for lunchtime, and you know he can’t wait for it! Mika wakes up at 7 am to prepare for her husband a bento and she’s all done at 8 am when he’s ready for work. ” I always leave the ingredients prepared the night before so I can do it in about 50 minutes in the morning. I mainly do things that take time, like drawing pictures on oblates. Of course, the time it takes depends on the lunchbox.” She creates her creative dishes inspired by her husband’s favorite TV shows, manga, movies, and musicians! That man is one lucky fella. Kudos to you Mika!

More info: Instagram, nancychannel.


Photo credits: nancychannel

Mika Matsuura is a fantastic lady that makes special bento lunchboxes for her husband each day before he leaves for work.

She draws inspiration from all the things he loves the most.

Check out her latest lunchboxes on her Instagram as she keeps raising the bar each new day!

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