Melvin Brewing Shares 10 Companies That Will Give You a Chance to Win a Scholarship For Art School

Companies around the world are working to further the educational pursuits of students from all backgrounds. Melvin Brewing is offering a scholarship that allows students to learn brewing and all the details that go into a successful operation. Additionally, the company is sharing information about other companies that offer a scholarship program for those who wish to go into art. While some programs allow kids to go into any field they like, others ask kids to go into a field of art that is unique and interesting.


Intell has a scholarship program that allows students to go to college with up to $4000 to cover expenses. This particular program started as one that helps the children of employees, but it can sometimes be awarded to those who are outside the company’s sphere.


Coca Cola

Coca Cola offers $2000 scholarships to students who meet their qualifications. Because the company is so large, there are applicants from around America who might want to go to art school. Additionally, the company has given away $63 million over the years to students who need funding for college. The total program gives $20,000 to about 120 students every year. This major initiative is one of the largest in the world, and it represents a longstanding commitment to education from the world’s largest soft-drink maker.


Burger King

Burger King offers the James L McLamore Whopper Scholarship to students who need what amounts to a full ride to college. The scholarship allows students to receive up to $50,000 when they are named the winner. They can go on to art school with this money, and they can afford the best education that money can provide. Up to three winners are named every year, and that represents a $1.5 million investment in education every decade.


Dr. Pepper

Dr. Pepper is famous for offering scholarships through games and contests that are typically held during commercial breaks of major sporting events. This is often during conference championship games in college football, and the scholarships are also offered during basketball games every year. The company offers $100,000 prizes, $20,000 tuition awards, and even $2500 consolation prizes for those who do not win the contests.



GEICO offers a $2500 scholarship to about a dozen kids every year who would like to continue their education. This program has long been one of the most popular of all the corporate scholarship programs, and it has ensured that many students can get to school when they have no other options.


Neiman Marcus

Neiman Marcus offers scholarships to students who would like to go to school to learn the art of fashion. This particular scholarship program has been around since 1938, and the company has been giving out this money ever since. It is also a program that has helped some of the biggest names in fashion. Kids who want to start a fashion dynasty might want to start by working with Neiman Marcus.


Penguin Books

Penguin Books hosts an essay contest that results in a $1000 scholarship for all winners. This particular contest also allows these students to get noticed by one of the biggest publishing houses in the world. While kids might love to write, this is their chance to earn money for college and become part of the Penguin family.


State Farm

State Farm offers the Good Neighbor Scholarship that pays $5000 scholarships to about 70 kids. This scholarship program allows these students to receive $2500 a year for two years, and they can easily renew their scholarships once they have won. This is a wonderful program that continues to pay it forward to kids who might like to go to art school.



Visa offers a $1000 scholarship for kids who are planning to attend or who are already attending college.



Wendy’s High School Heisman has an award for kids at the state level, national finalist level, and national level. State winners can earn $1000 scholarships, and national finalists are given $5000 scholarships. The winners of the program are given $10,000 scholarships that can go towards their art education.


You Can Apply For Scholarships Today

You can help your kids apply for college at any time, and you can help them apply for scholarships. Kids who need money for art school can try one or all of these scholarship programs, and they can renew their scholarships in most instances. These kids might start by applying with Melvin Brewing to learn how to become a brewer, or they can go to a traditional school with one of the programs listed above.