Young Photographer Captures Female Portraits with a Nostalgic Flair

Melina Weber is a Vienna, Austria based young photographer, retoucher and artist specialized in fashion, portrait and lifestyle. She shoots awesome beauty, fashion and lifestyle photography with a glimse of nostalgia and French daydreams. She says; “I’m a portrait & lifestyle photographer with a love for visual content, authentic stories and a nostalgic flair. Loving sunsets on rooftops, views from mountains and a city of stars forever. I worked on numerous creative projects for clients throughout my years on Instagram.” She also adds; “Three years ago, I started my photography adventure and lots has happened in the meantime. I am super proud to be now working as a photographer for Brandy Melville, collaborating with many other companies and offering shootings for students.” Today, we showcase her captivating female portraits for you. If you are interested in this genre, you’ll undoubtedly find her style inspirational. Take a look at the photos and share your opinions with us.