Masterful Artist Creates Amazing Hand Painted Cookies

Andi is the owner and sugar artist behind “Kirkie Kookies”. The company’s name was inspired by his husband nickname Keir (“Kirkie”) and their last name, Kirkegaard. She has a 15 years’ experience as a professional fine artist and took her passion for painting from canvas to cookie in 2017 and never looked back! “I’m also a performing artist and work at Disneyland in “Frozen, Live!” even though we are on hiatus at the moment. I absolutely adore being a small business owner and sugar cookies have brought me more joy than I ever thought possible. I’m thankful everyday to do what I do- especially during these crazy times! My goal is always to bring happiness to those around me, one sugar cookie creation at a time!” she states in one of her posts. Her husband has always been very supportive about her cookie career and she is thankful to him. “After 12 years together and 2 years of marriage, Keir still makes me feel like a Queen. He has stood by my side and lifted me up from Day 1 as I took a risk in starting this crazy cookie adventure, has been my biggest cheerleader and is now my business partner! At times, he’s even more excited to brain storm new cookie designs and classes than I am. I wouldn’t be able to operate Kirkie Kookies without this incredible guy. I’ve never known support or companionship like this and I am thankful everyday that he is mine.” she explains. Andi is very talented at designing and painting cookies in all themes and for different occasions. You can even ask for customized cookies and she can paint your pet’s portrait on delicious cookies. Wanna see some of her designs now? Just scroll down!