Young Talent Masha Raymers Takes Bewitching Artistic Portraits

Masha Raymers is a 22-year-old photographer from Lviv, Ukraine. She studied architecture restoration at the university. She has been taking photographs for 8 years, since the moment she picked up the camera for the first time. She loves to catch the mood and atmosphere in artistic portraits. “Photography is special for me and I want to make it special for others too.” she told us in our online interview with her, adding that: “I try to get inspired by everything that surrounds me. I get inspiration from nature, light, weather, other photos, films, music. I think true inspiration can be found only from things that you like the most.” Her models and clients say it is easy to work with Masha and she is always pleased to hear that and she wants people feel comfortable and peaceful during the shooting session. She says; “I always follow this approach; I praise models, I like to do it and see how a person opens up to you while shooting. Our clients come to us not only because they want to look good in photos, but also because they want to capture their emotions during the shooting process. They also spend their time, money, energy and emotions on us. Sometimes people just forget and devalue the work of the model in the frame, mostly it is “the photographer puts the most effort for a good frame.” I think this is not quite true, because during the photo shoot you have a kind of synergy with the model and you work as a whole.” She sometimes takes impressive self-portraits and shares them on her Instagram account among with her other works and photo series. In the future, she wants not to only take photos, but also create an interesting place for artists in her country. Below you can see our favorite captures of Masha Raymers each of which will surely leave you speechless. Just scroll down and enjoy your daily dose of art.