Lunar Images in Ultra HD Resolution by Andrew McCarthy

Photographer Andrew McCarthy collects his 50,000 shots and merges them into one glorious shot of the moon on a bright starry night. Gorgeous and stunningly detailed, craters of the moon can be seen in ultra HD resolutions such are 9000px by 9000px. Introduced to the astrology by his father when he was just a child, the love for space only grew from that day on. His father showed him planets through a telescope and little Andrew was immediately passionate reaching for the stars from a young age. To this day Andrew’s main focus is on astrophotography. One day it would be quite amazing if he could capture the shot of Earth while standing on the Moon. Follow McCarthy’s Instagram for more HD images of space, and visit his online shop for prints to buy. “This is not a business for me. I keep the prices low to make sure anyone interested in my images has a way to hang them on their wall, but every sale goes into a fund that I will use to upgrade my photography gear, so your support is greatly appreciated!” Here’s the link to his official site where you can check out all the gear Andrew uses to achieve these amazing results.

Andrew McCarthy creates Moon images in 9000px by 9000px resolution

He was introduced to Astrology by his father at a very young age

Andrew uses Orion SkyQuest XT10 Classic 10″ Dobsonian Telescope

And ZWO ASI224MC USB 3.0 Color Astronomy Camera

You can get these prints on his online shop

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