Elegant And Aesthetic Fine Line Tattoo Designs by Lucky Hobab

Lucerne, Switzerland based Lucky Hobab is a tattoo artist specialised in fine line style. We came upon his dream-like designs on Instagram and visited his website for more information to share his work with you. He has always been fascinated by painting and drawing even when he was a child. Thanks to this passion, he has already won various prizes at school. “Later I was very interested in tattoo art and it soon became clear to me in which direction I would like to develop professionally.” he states his story in his website and continues like this; “Thanks to which I have a profound knowledge in the field of hygiene and the human body, I decided to give in to my passion. I got into the tattoo industry.” He is responsible for advising and applying the tattoos. It is a great pleasure for him to transfer your ideas on your skin and create an art piece which will be a part of your body for the rest of your life. We showcase some of Lucky Hobab’s brilliant fine-line tattoo designs below and if you wish, you can make an appointment by sending your tattoo motif and size in cm and the desired body part either via Instagram DM or email. Now take a look at his body art pieces and let us know your favourite one in the comment box.