Romantic And Joyful Wedding Photoshoot Examples by Michelle Lucking

Michelle Lucking grew up on a mountain in Ireland, and had grand plans to study photo journalism. Her father was an amateur photographer, so she met photography at an early age. When she lost him at the age of ten, she realized that she could re-live so many moments from her early childhood through the beautiful captures that her father took. “He had such a keen eye, and it shaped the way I saw the world and what I held close and valued.” she says on her blog. After having set up her own family, she took up photography as a profession and totally found who she was. From that day on, she has been capturing wedding days, as she explains; “Every wedding day is so different and it’s my job to tell your story. I’m a huge advocate for helping you work out the time line for your day so you get the most of it and it gives me the opportunity to provide you with meaningful images at the end of it all”, she also adds; “I value and have a sixth sense for the connections and chemistry that filters in and out of a wedding day. It’s all in the wee moments such as when your stoic Nan finally succumbs to the tears, to the sneaky glances you guys exchange when no one is watching. I’ll also be on hand to fix any broken seams, clip some hair back in, calm down an anxious mother in law, I’m a nurturer by nature so I promise I’ll be there to help you along the way. Most importantly, I will absolutely get up and dance with all of your family and friends. One of my favourite parts of a wedding is when people lose their sense of self to music and dance like no-one is watching. I believe that music is food for the soul, all the boundaries come down and I get to capture that in all of it’s rawness. Pure gold!” Now, let us leave you with her romantic and joyful wedding photoshoot examples each of which is pure inspiration.