Looking for the Perfect Wedding Venue in Florida? Here is A Checklist for You

A couple’s wedding day is arguably the most important event they will organize, and one that is often looked to with a ton of excitement and anxiety. Celebrating the “official” inauguration of your union in front of friends and family should be a happy and enjoyable affair for everyone involved. But, it can also be a pretty nerve-wracking experience, since weddings are costly and the bride and groom might have different approaches to pulling it off, as is usually the case.


Fort Lauderdale, Florida is a wonderful place to get married, with the beautiful weather and spectacular ocean views. However, finding the right wedding venue in Fort Lauderdale can be an overwhelming experience, especially since there seem to be so many options. In this guide, we’ll share with you a quick checklist of things to consider.

Number of Guests

The number of guests you would like to invite completely changes the sort of venue you should book. Make sure that the seating arrangements will fit your needs, and be on the lookout for amenities that could be helpful to your guests, such as free parking nearby.


The next step before you finalize any decisions regarding the venue is to draft a budget, and this typically comes after the decision you make to have a big or small wedding. Renting a venue is expensive, and ensuring that you drafted a budget will help you envision how to plan properly. You can use a spreadsheet to track and compare the costs of organizing your wedding at different places. The spreadsheet should include all your needs, how much you are willing to spend, and then a column for how much each service costs at different venues. This step is essential in not dealing with a massive headache later on!



So, you already know that most wedding venues in Florida luckily have majestic views. However, you should be a bit more precise in your needs: do you want an indoor or outdoor wedding? Would you like an ocean view? Furthermore, are you alright with having to provide transportation for guests from a remote venue? Transportation might end up being a pretty hefty line with your budget, so it’s helpful to get this detail out of the way early in the decision-making process.


This is so important, and yet difficult to describe. However, you should be able to walk into a venue and get a feeling in your gut that makes it clear to you whether you would love to get married there or not. Everything from the décor, views, to the customer service you receive from the staff and management should make you feel comfortable and excited about the big day.


While the idea of finding a beautiful venue that is affordable, “vibes” well with you, and is convenient for you and your guests might seem a bit difficult, it is actually really doable. So, do not fear! While organizing a wedding can be a difficult endeavor, it is thoroughly possible to get it done properly once you do a bit of research.


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