Look Cool, Be Comfy: The Fashionable Guy’s Guide to Men’s Casual Style

Are you a fashionable guy who doesn’t want to wear stiff shirts all the time? Learn how to look cool and be comfy in this awesome guide to men’s casual style.

In the United States alone, the fashion market exceeds $16.75 billion. Men’s casual style is one of the hottest styles there are.

In 2018, the men’s fashion industry was worth over $89 million. One reason why this market is so big is that more men are realizing the appeal of casual fashion than ever.

You, too, can look and feel better than ever. After all, casual dress combines style and comfort.

Here are some tips for nailing casual dress styles:

What Is Men’s Casual Style?

First, let’s define casual fashion. According to Wikipedia’s page on casual wear, it’s “a Western dress code category that comprises anything not traditionally appropriate with more formal dress codes.”

Men’s casual wear includes any casual styles that are marketed towards men. This definition leaves a lot of room for personal interpretation.

Don’t shy away from adding personal touches to your style. Developing a unique style makes you stand out for positive reasons.


Jeans are a staple of casual fashion. Well-fitting jeans are easy to dress up or down depending on the occasion.

When it comes to smart casual for men, chinos are a classic option. Khaki, beige, or navy chinos are easy to match with other clothes. They also make you look more polished.

Add a retro flair to your outfit by wearing corduroy pants. Green corduroy pants go especially well with flannel shirts, plaid patterns, and other 90’s fashion takes.

If you’re wearing a shirt with an outstanding print, play it safe by wearing solid-colored bottoms. Mixing prints is for fashion daredevils.


Buying high-quality luxury sneakers is one of the best investments you’ll ever make. This is because you can wear sneakers during any season.

SSENSE sells the best Givenchy sneakers out there. They add a touch of sophistication to any outfit.

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Birkenstock sandals blend casual fashion with a boho theme. Loafers go well with casual clothes as well.


Go above and beyond plain T-shirts with casual polo shirts. Buy some solid polo shirts before getting ones with stripes and other designs.

Smart casual men wear casual button-up shirts. They add blazers to dress up their outfits more.

Hoodies are comfortable and popular in the athleisure world. Dress up your hoodie by wearing it with nice pants.

Graphic shirts are currently trending. Wear one with a design that reflects your personality or interests. If you want to express your humorous side, wear those funny t-shirts with memes and jokes you want to share to others.

Just know that a lot of guys wear them, so it’s harder for you to stand out in one.

Make Sure Your Casual Look Is Off The Hook

Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss invented jeans in 1873. Although jeans are a timeless classic, there’s so much more to men’s casual style than just jeans.

For example, accessorizing has a place in casual fashion styles. Wearing a chain with a simple pendant is an easy way to jazz up your outfit with minimal effort.

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