Lively Food Compositions by Zuzanna Mann

Polish Zuzanna Mann is a graphic designer, art director and visual communication specialist and she is the name behind this exceptional food photography. She loves preparing food, compose flavors and making experiments. For her, photographing the food she creates in her kitchen is like keeping a diary, a visual journal. “For over 20 years I have been involved in various forms of artistic creation, or more broadly: artistic, among which creative photography occupies a special place. In recent years I combine photography with another one’s passion: good kitchen. My blog ‘with table view’ is a natural consequence of this combination.” For her, creativity is something she showcases on the kitchen table and becomes a piece of art by the help of her camera. As she states in her blog; “I’ve been taking photos for years. My photography changes as my view of the world changes… From the usual hobby photography has become a part of life, an indispensability for some people to write a diary… Photographing is creating, composing…” Her lively food compositions will surely impress you. Take a look at them and remember to follow her on Instagram to stay tuned.

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