French Macarons In Different Shapes And Designs by Lili Yim

Talented baker Lili Yim, a.k.a Lil, is from Ipoh, Malaysia, but she is currently based in Perth, Western Australia. She is a full time programmer who loves baking and cooking. Her greatest inspiration in life while growing up would definitely be her parents. Her mum would let Lili stand next to her in the kitchen with meal preps from chopping and dicing to whisking eggs and sifting flour, that has definitely played an important part in helping her to discover her passion for culinary arts. Her father has thought her the meaning of ‘Chasing your dreams’ and with a bit of endurance and perseverance, anyone could fulfill their dreams. Today, she mostly works as a programmer but pours her creativity into making macarons at the same time. She designs impressive macarons in various shapes and styles for different occasions and one of the things she does the best is undoubtedly gradient macaron towers. They are the most attractive options to add a French twist to your special days like wedding ceremonies or birthday parties. She says they are definitely mini flavour bombs and we have no doubt about it! Curious about her macaron designs? Just scroll down and see them by yourself!