Charming Non-Slip Hair Clips and Pieces by Kela

Australian cancer research scientist and mother-of-three, Kelly Litterick is the Co-founder of KELA and inventor of KELA’s unique, patented, non-slip mechanism. She came up with the idea to create such pieces as she was frustrated with the lack of quick and easy ways to hold braids and plaits or style her hair in a beautiful and creative way. She once tried putting some jewellery in her hair and at the end of her experiements, she was able to develop the idea for the unique non-slip mechanism and spent three years perfecting it for the commercial market and patenting her designs. From the creation of a single hair accessory that clips in, KELA has developed into a full range of hair accessories and jewellery including charms, chains, crowns, hair pins and pendants, enabling women to give their look a splash of glamour and feel confident their hair jewellery won’t damage their hair, is secure and won’t fall out. The KELA brand and its premiere collection was launched in 2017. By the end of the first year some of the most prominent names in the global fashion and hair industry were working with and promoting KELA products and this has continued to grow and develop. Kela is one of the trend-setter brands of the hairstyle industry with their extremely fashionable hair accessories. If you love trying various styles with your hair and regard clips and pins as your main accessories to flaunt with, then you must see Kela’s collection. Here we showcase our favourite ones. Enjoy!