Exceptionally Impressive Female Portraits by Jonas Hafner

Jonas Hafner is currently based in Germany and takes photos as a hobby, but he is definitely very good at it. “Until not so long ago, I was still studying medicine in Freiburg. I now call Hamburg my home. I’ve been working as a doctor in a hospital here for a while. When I find the time, I prefer to photograph people or try to discover a little more of this world.” he states on his website. His first touch to the camera was when he was in the army and held a single-lens reflex camera in his hand and never let go of it since then. He continues his story as follows; “A little later I traveled to New Zealand for another year – now with my own camera around my neck. On many wonderful hikes I devoted myself extensively to landscape photography and so I can still understand the fascination that emanates from it. Back in Germany, it was probably more of a coincidence and certainly also due to my studies that people appeared in my pictures from time to time. The subject of portraits gripped me like a whirlpool and pulled me deeper and deeper into its spell. At first it took a lot of effort to ask friends if they would stand in front of my camera. Over time, however, the pile of pictures on my desk grew faster than the weeds in our dormitory garden.” He took our attention with his exceptionally outstanding female portraits and would love to share them with you. Hope you like them as much as we do.