Endearing Family And Newborn Photography by Jennie Colbourne

Jennie Colbourne is a mum of my 2 gorgeous girls who currently lives in Berkshire, England. She has been into family photography for five years creating lasting moments and joyous memories for parents. “Let me tell you a little bit about me… A few moons ago, I had a baby. Not where most business stories start, right? But bear with me. Of course, like all new parents, I was besotted! I had my very own newborn shoot because, just like you, I wanted this moment to last forever. In a weird twist of fate, and just after I’d thought to myself “I’d love to do something more creative with my life”, the photographer I’d just used… put his old camera up for sale. You know when something just feels like a sign? Well, this was my sign.” she states on her blog. She also adds that; “I truly believe that the vibrancy and hilarity of family life is what needs to be captured, without worrying about what your hair looks like, or whether the little ones can’t sit still – that’s my style! We’ll laugh, we’ll make silly faces and most importantly, we’ll have fun on your family shoot.” When she is not working, she loves creating adventures in the outdoors, crafting in every part of the house she can get her hands on, and celebrating her biggest loves in this world: her husband, her children and her precious business. Perhaps you’re thinking about capturing your beautiful family and maybe she is the snap-happy gal to do it. “If you’re looking for stylish – but not styled, relaxed – but not regular, precious but not posed family shots to keep forever, then I might be the photographer for you.” she says. She definitely has a unique eye for children and family photography and you’ll surely agree with us once you see her brilliant captures. Below you can see our selection from Jennie’s shots. Hope you find them inspirational for your own session.