Is It Better To Sleep On A Hard Or Soft Mattress?

Having a good mattress is one thing that will assure you of good night sleep. That is why it can be challenging to find a good mattress. Generally, the mattress you choose will depend on its firmness. The firmness of the mattress will impact your sleep comfort.

There are three types of mattresses concerning firmness, and they include soft, medium, and hard. We will only discuss the hard and soft mattresses. Which between the two is the best? Should you go for the soft mattress or the hard one? Let’s explore that, shall we?

Why Should You Be Concerned About the Mattress Firmness?
When it comes to the firmness of a mattress, you should know that it will affect two major areas; support and alignment of the body/spine. The right firmness will offer you adequate support, and it will also ease the pressure points on the body.

The firmness level of a mattress will depend on the comfort system and how it is constructed. Generally, the comfort layer/system is the body-cushioning system that forms the top layer of the mattress. The composition of the comfort layer will determine how closely the mattress will conform to your body.

Usually, the comfort or top layer of mattresses will either be made of memory foam, polyfoam, steel micro coils, or latex. They will then be protected using the mattress cover. Some mattress will come with a single-layer comfort system, whereas others will come with four to five individual layers in the top layer.

Some mattresses will come with dual firmness on one side, which is ideal for couples that have different firmness preferences.

The firmness of your mattress will affect your sleep based on the support and alignment it offers.

Firmness and Support
As we have seen, firmness is how the mattress feels as soon as you lie down on it. On the other hand, support is how the mattress maintains an even and sag-free surface, how it aligns your spine, and relieve pressure all along the night.

Therefore, the excessively soft mattress will usually sink, which can compromise the support if you are heavy. Also, the soft mattress might be uncomfortable for those that sleep on their back or stomach. But hard mattresses tend to be good for offering support to the back. It provides the spinal alignment to boost your overall sleeping comfort. The hard mattress will not sag like the soft ones.

So, Which Is the Best?
The firmness level of a mattress depends on what you want. Some prefer the hard mattresses, others opt for the soft ones, while others prefer sleeping on a medium firm mattress. All in all, the body weight and sleep position will determine which mattress firmness is right for you.

A person that has a below-average weight will prefer sleeping on a soft mattress. Such people are not heavy enough to feel the pressure relief or conforming when sleeping on the hard mattress. However, people that weigh over 230 pounds would opt for a hard mattress over a soft one.

The sleeping position will also determine the parts of your body that needs more support and cushioning. Here is a look at the common sleeping positions;

* Side sleepers. The side sleepers tend to have vulnerable pressure points at the hips and shoulders. Therefore, they require enough neck support for the proper spinal alignment.

* Stomach sleepers. These sleepers are best suited with a hard mattress that will support the hips, as well as prevent sinking. However, physicians discourage stomach sleeping because they have high risks of pressure and discomfort.
Back sleepers. The back sleepers need more spinal and lower back support, which is best offered by a hard mattress. This also helps to maintain the proper spinal alignment and prevent the development of discomfort and pain.

The measurement of the hip, waist, and shoulders of the sleeper will also determine the mattress firmness to choose.
Generally, most back sleepers will go well with a hard mattress, especially if they are heavy. Regardless of the mattress that you choose, always ensure that you find a good mattress. For instance, a full-size platform bed can support any mattress firmness to give you a good night sleep.

Summary of the Hard and Soft Mattresses
Pros of Hard Mattresses

* They keep your body straight by facilitating a neutral spine alignment
* They prevent lower back pain or collapsing hence allowing you to breathe easily as you sleep
* They promote better blood flow in the body by reducing the pressure on the circulation system
* The body adapts easily to sleeping on a hard mattress
* It offers enough support to the body and spinal cord
* You can use props like body pillows when sleeping on a hard mattress

The Drawbacks
* It can be difficult to adjust to a brand new hard mattress
* People with back problems like scoliosis and arthritis can find a hard mattress uncomfortable. Hard mattress can trigger the pain in such people.

Pros of Soft Mattress
* A soft mattress can alleviate back pain and help the seniors to deal with joint problems
* They are a better choice for the side sleepers because they are easy on the pressure points
* Slim and light people will enjoy sleeping on a soft mattress without harming their spine
* They can align the spine perfectly

The Drawbacks
* The soft mattresses can cause back problems to the stomach and back sleepers.
* They are not the best option for heavy people.
* The soft mattress may cause unbalanced surface when two people of different weights sleep on it.
* They can be somewhat less long-lasting

In terms of support and alignment of the spine, the hard mattress has the upper hand. However, the soft mattress can be cozy in some cases. That is why you should be careful enough when deciding which firmness you should choose.

All in all, always ensure that you choose the right mattress firmness for you. Don’t forget that you should have the right tips whenever you are picking any mattress.

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