Interior Designer Pamela Makin Expresses Her Unique Visual Style

Who is Pamela Makin?

Starting her creative journey in the fashion industry as a buyer for Myer Australia, designer Pamela Makin soon ended up in interiors and founded her own brand, Les Interieurs. Based on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Pamela’s incredible designs are are spotted from the Eastern suburbs up to the beautiful Palm Beach.

“While living in California, I travelled to Europe every few months still involved in the fashion industry, but whenever I had a spare moment I ended up looking at interiors. When I returned to Sydney, I opened a tiny store in Palm Beach – I was over fashion and more interested in homewares. I could not find what I was looking for so I decided to open a store and the rest is history. Our look is not for everyone but those who like us – love what we do.” she states in her interview with Huntley + Co

From the choice of the name, Les Interieurs, one can immediately sense there is something unique about Pamela Makin and her design talents . Pamela’s international style has been featured several times in the prestigious Andrew Martin’s International Interior Design Awards.

living room decorated in grotesque paintings and religious sculptures

Bungan beach house – Interior design by Pamela Makin

What Does She Design?

From beach houses to city apartments, Pamela Makin imagines and implements an exquisite way of reflecting her taste and design.

She collects rare pieces from around the world to accent the clean lines of interiors, this defines her signature style. A style that is easily recognized yet in each instance is unique.

Scrolling down her IG feed, you will immediately notice that almost all her interior designs include some unique collectible objects of beauty. Then you’ll see the black and white color duo which signifies to the trained eye that the design you see is hers.

“I have always had a passion for unusual objects mixed with contemporary furniture, and have always loved a black and white color palette – over time it became our signature,” she says.

Her sense of style and passion for beautiful objects and furnishings brings a unique feel to her projects. Pamela does not follow trends, she defines them.

There is a clear and simple structure, a very subjective experience, a deep focus, smooth transitions, visual variety, and dynamic tension of black and white…all combined in a flawless composition that contributes to a story in her work.

a black wooden cabinet with wooden candlesticks
Mosman project – Interior design by Pamela Makin

Why Does She Design?

As a creative mind, Pamela needed to express her skills and imagination somehow, and after having experienced the fashion world, she realized her real passion was interior design.

She defers to Orson Welles, the larger-than-life polymath who made an art form of provocation, to explain her philosophy for design. “Create your own visual style… let it be unique for yourself, yet identifiable to others.”

Pamela’s inspiration comes from Africa, Indonesia, and Asia – mostly timeless pieces juxtaposed with contemporary furniture and the style icons that inspire her work are Ralph Lauren &  Donna Karen to name a couple.

Les Interieurs projects have appeared in numerous highly regarded publications around the world including Elle Decor UK, Marie Claire Italy, Elle Decor Italy, Vogue Living, and Belle Magazine.


You can see some of her inspiring interior design examples in our gallery below, and visit her website and follow her on Instagram for more.

a dining area decorated in abstract forms and figures
Welcome, to a very special home. Filled with a curated collection of our client’s most treasured artworks and artefacts. Interior Design by Pamela Makin, Photography by Felix Forest.
a living room with sleek yet oriental appeal
Middle harbour project, included a full refurbishment of the internal spaces whilst retaining the architectural charm of it’s period features.
a dining room with inverted cone chandelier and an abstract wall piece
MIDDLE HARBOUR by Pamela Makin
a foyer with rustic decorative pieces and black iron chandelier
MIDDLE HARBOUR by Pamela Makin
a bathroom with stand alone tub decorated with plants
A place to bathe and reset. Bungan Beach by Pamela Makin
a living room with glass walls overlooking an ocean
Haskell house – Interiors by Pamela Makin, designed to compliment the strong lines of Jorge Hrdina’s architecture, a mix of one of a kind found objects and accessories juxtaposed with strong contemporary furniture.
interior design of a bathroom with glass walls
Bathroom envy from one of our most memorable East Coast projects.
Architecture by @jorgehrdina.architects Interiors by @lesinterieursnewport
a picture of a modern lamp and abstract painting
Morning light at Palm Beach project 
a living room with black sofa and japanese inspired floor lamp
Kurraba point project by Pamela Makin