Inspiring Accessories to Decorate Your Space

When looking for inspiration to make a home more you, there’s almost too much out there. When you set about personalising your home, it’s all about the right touchstones, and the best accessories that work with your interior style. And this means that there’s plenty to choose from. But, let’s provide you with some inspiring accessories to decorate your space, regardless of your own individual style.

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Vintage Video Games

If you are someone who is firmly rooted in the late 1980s and early 1990s, and you want a reminder of simpler times, there are vintage games consoles out now that can take you back to the heady days of Sonic The Hedgehog or Super Mario. Tie this in with 80s and 90s posters, and you’ve got a perfect time capsule of what life used to be like before the internet came along. Do you remember that?


It’s very difficult to find the right piece of art to complement a space. These days, there are so many more prints out there that you can find the right colour scheme to go with your walls and decor. Now, you don’t have to look very far to get prints that communicate an Art Nouveau style. Or if you are after something a little bit more contemporary, a Rothko print will provide that vibrancy to the space.


Every house has one candle set up in the corner. But if you want to make more of your space (especially if it’s dark and doesn’t get much sunlight) decorating the space with a variety of candle styles, shapes, and scents, will create a different atmosphere. Candles work during any time of year, and when you want to change the feeling of a space, candles are a very cheap approach, especially when you cannot redecorate the house from top to bottom (again).

Coffee Tables

If your space is swathed in oak and various tones of brown, a coffee table is a useful addition to turning a rustic living space into something more relaxing. Coffee tables have their uses, but they look even more fantastic when a vintage tea set is perched on top of it.

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Photo Canvas

If you and your loved one need to show off the space, but don’t have many souvenirs of yourselves as a couple, a photo canvas provides that style, but without there being an oversaturation of lovey-dovey pictures of the two of you and makes the perfect gift.  A photo canvas that has the best pictures of the two of you together is a perfect way to present a classy image, rather than going for the standard “heart” picture frames.


A bookshelf communicates elegance and literacy, but have you ever seen those show homes where there’s that great big tome sat on a coffee table? It’s not about showing off how well-read you are, but the right book, whether it’s a lexicon of the great 20th century pieces of art, fabulous photos, or Chanel’s “Vocabulary of Style,” can elevate a space.

A Journal

There is something wonderful about a leather-bound journal that takes pride of place in the middle of a living room. Or if money is an issue, but you like to sit in your space, alone with your thoughts, a Moleskine notebook is a wonderful little addition to a room that demands quiet contemplation. If you’re looking for stylish home accessories to gift her that is more classy than cringeworthy, this is a very unique approach.

Board Games

We’re not talking about Hungry Hungry Hippos here! Something like Backgammon or Chess elevates a living room space. Or if you are lucky enough to have a spare room, and you want it to be a space for culture and sophistication, there is something wonderful about a chess set, where the pieces have been placed just so and you are playing the long game with someone online or in another country. Board games don’t have to be a melting pot of hysteria and frustration.


Whether it’s a set of marble and wood coasters that are accenting a vintage table or a quirky set of coasters that have “punny” record prints on them (“Tea Time- Don’t Spill Me”), it’s not just about setting your drinks on any old coaster. It’s a very small thing, but they can communicate so much about your approach to elegance.


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Head into the kitchen, set up an array of rosemary and lavender, and not only does this reinvigorate the space, add colour and texture, but it smells fantastic. If you want to get back to simplicity, and need that inspiration to cook more meals in the kitchen that have an abundance of flavour, a collection of herbs dotted across the windowsill will make the kitchen area more appealing. And it’s one step closer to a more natural and earthy look.

Custom Illustrations

You may not know art, but you know what you like! A custom illustration is a nice way to bypass any sort of artsy look. If you want a memento of you and your partner in the home, but cannot bear the idea of pictures adorning the walls, getting a custom illustration, for example, of your wedding day, a delightful caricature can highlight the sense of humour you both have. On the other hand, if you want a beautiful pencil drawing of your family together, it’s possible to get a custom illustration that looks wonderful.

Wall Stickers

If you want to pepper your space with inspiring quotes, a wall sticker is a great way to do it. It is fun, cost-effective, but most importantly, stylish. If you find that there is a blank wall, but it’s not strong enough to hold up a picture or any sort of ornaments, a wall sticker can be applied to any smooth surface. In fact, it doesn’t just have to go on the wall; you can apply it to furniture, doors, or anything you want! It’s a perfect way to keep your spirits high when feeling a little low.


If you want a talking piece, but you don’t really care for much, a sculpture might provide the best of both worlds. Some people love to have a statement piece in the middle of their living room, and the great thing with a sculpture is that it’s something you can have a hand in making yourself. On the other hand, you could get a personalised sculpture by paying someone to do it and have this as a reminder of something really important in your life.

Custom Chair Covers

If you have gone for the vintage, upcycled look, but now it’s proving a bit tiresome, or the colour schemes are too diverse, custom chair covers can provide that sense of unity to a living space. Perhaps you have got a spare room that houses different items of furniture, and you want a sense of cohesion. Custom chair covers can provide one cohesive aesthetic.

Decorating your space is all about what you want to achieve. Everybody has their own unique tastes. If you want to communicate your personality, you’ve got to pick the right tones, textures, colours, but also, get the right accessories. Never underestimate the personality your space can communicate. The right accessories are the icing on the cake. You want a stranger to come into the home and see that the space is very much “you” right away. You can decorate the space, but give consideration to the right accessories as well.

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